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The medical travel process

1. First contact

  • 1.1 Establishing contact with Bulgaria Medical Travel Services via email, phone or inquiry form. We need to know: personal information, country of origin, diagnosis.
  • 1.2 A Representative from Bulgaria Medical travel Services will contact with the patient in the next 24 hours with written general questions about needs, requirements, condition, etc.

2. Get a Quote

  • 2.1 BMTS assigned representative transfers the initial information from the inquiry to a specialized surgeon or other physician related to the patient’s condition.
  • 2.2 BMTS representative discusses with the surgeon/ physician the options of patient’s treatment. This will happen in the next 24 hours.
  • 2.3 BMTS assigned representative transfers the physician initial conclusion back to the patient. The Initial Conclusion consists of: type of intervention, possibility of scheduling, papers needed, period of rehabilitation, needs of additional check ups etc.
  • 2.4. BMTS representative will present a quote with all the information about: preliminary intervention price, average travel package, average staying package etc.
  • 2.5 In case the patient decides to continue the process he needs to prepare the following info:

3. Medical Review

  • 3.1 THE BMTS representative collects patient’s medical history and diagnosis (in patient’s local language), any radiology imaging available, as well as any treatment recommendations from the physicians (if they exist).
  • 3.2 The whole data will be reviewed by a physician or a surgeon.
  • 3.3 The Detailed Medical Conclusion will be prepared based on all the communication and medical papers and also an approximate price of the intervention itself will be presented.

4. Trip Planning

  • 4.1 If the patient decides to move on, the representative will prepare the whole Medical TRIP PLANNIG
  • 4.2 It contains all the costs of the trip including travel, accommodation, treatment, rehab, family, any additional trips, etc
  • 4.3 The patient should sign the Medical TRIP PlAN in order to agree with all the details and terms and conditions he has been offered.

5. Receive Treatment

  • 5.1 A BMTS representative will take the patient from the airport.
  • 5.2 On the way to the hotel the representative reviews all the papers and agreements between the patient and the BMTS.
  • 5.3 A meeting between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist (where applicable) and the patient will be organized the day before the intervention.
  • 5.5 After the procedure BMTS representative will visit the patient as soon as the patient is willing to receive visitors. BMTS representative is also in close contact with the surgeon and provide an update to patient’s family in case it’s needed.
  • 5.6 After the intervention the patient is moved to the booked hotel, for the rest of his staying and additional regular check ups and nursing( in case of need) are applied.
  • 5.7 In all cases, that is available and the medical procedure could be packed up with some tourism activities, additionally allowed by the surgeon, on the stage of detailed medical conclusion, the patient could travel around the country for recreation or rehabilitation.