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Patients' Stories

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Patients' Stories

The Second Surgery team have been the only people looking after me the way my family would do.
Tokuda recommendation letter

A thank you letter to Pulmology department and dr. Stoeva, MD
Tokuda recommendation letter

The Liberation treatment story of Karla
Tokuda recommendation Karla
My name is Karla Tuck and I live in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I had the privilege of being treated for CCSVI (Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) at Tokuda hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 30th, 2010. I've lived with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years. The last three years I went from RRMS to SPMS. The months before my procedure I was confined to my home. Suffering from extreme fatigue, not having proper function of my left leg, no balance, and my eyes were also affected. I suffered from many more symptoms as well. Since having venous angioplasty performed by Dr. Ivo Petrov, I feel like a new woman. I am able to walk unassisted, my balance has returned as well as my energy. I am still having improvements with my eyes too. I was given a new lease on life. Now I can enjoy living my life not just existing. Tokuda Hospital is a state of the art hospital and I was very comfortable with the accommodations. Prof Grozdinski and Dr. Petrov along with all the other medical staff were very friendly, caring, and attentive. I felt very safe while under their care. The services went like clockwork. Everything is very organized and done promptly. Very professional. Geya Tours were a pleasure to deal with as well and took the worry out of planning our stay. I can't say enough about Tokuda hospital and it's staff. I have recommended Tokuda hospital to many people where Prof Grozdinski and Dr. Petrov have performed their magic. My Doppler exam showed critical stenosis in both jugulars, soon after I was in Dr Petrov's care under going my angioplasty procedure. I was kept comfortable during my one hour procedure, and it was over before I knew it. I have provided many people with information for Tokuda hospital and will continue to do so. Sofia, Bulgaria, its people, and the staff at Tokuda hospital will always hold a special place in my heart. Sincerely, Karla Tuck.

Cardiac Surgery Story
May 26, 2009 To the Advisory Board of Tokuda Hospital Sofia, Esteemed managers, On the behalf of my family and myself I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Cardiac Surgery team for the performed valve replacement operation on my mother Katya Sirakova. She was admitted in the hospital on 19th of March and discharged on 24th of March 2009. Thank you for Providing to the Bulgarian citizens such state of the art hospital Inviting eminent specialist in Cardiac Surgery Department as Dr. Dimitar Nikolov, Dr. Chorbadjiiski, Dr. Alexandar Petkov, Dr. Hristo Hristov, Dr. Samuil Kazakov Applying your ethical and polite attitude towards the patients Creating perfectly comfortable environment for the patients and their relatives Being a Bulgarian and health care specialist I can definitely declare that my country has such a hospital facility to be proud of world wide. New York, USA With respect: Katya Metodieva – ICU nurse North Shore University Hospital

Emergency Response Story
To the Management of Tokuda Hospital Sofia, I would like to express my heart-felt appreciation to the medical team of the Emergency Response Department: Dr. Boryana Uzunova, head-nurse Daniela Todorova, and especially the ambulance driver Stanko, who came to transport the patient Gina Dimitrova Purzulova from her home in the Nadejda neighborhood to your hospital. The team conducted themselves with the utmost care, understanding, and empathy not only during the medical examination but during the transport of the patient from the building, the assistance of the patient into the ambulance, the transport to the hospital and the smooth transfer to the Mini-invasive surgical department of your hospital. I wish the medical teams to continue serving patients and fulfilling their high social duties with the same professionalism and compassionate manner, and I would like to express my thankfulness to the medical teams and to Tokuda Hospital Sofia. From the patient, Gina Dimitrova Purzulova from Dobrich, Bulgaria and her sister Marina Dimitrova Andreeva from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ortopedic Story
Esteemed Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the successful treatment and medical recovery, the positive atmosphere, the caring attitude, the flawless cleanliness that I experienced in your hospital, and the professional behavior shown by all your doctors and nurses in the following departments: I. Orthopedics and Traumatology Department: I am deeply grateful to Dr. Yablanski, Dr. Dimov, Dr. Ivanov, Dr. Dimitrov, Dr. Vlaev for the surgical treatment. Thank you for the post-operative care provided to me by the following nurses: Tsveti, Tanichka Cholakova, “Little” Tanichka, Ines, Poly, the chief nurse Svetla, the orderly Ani, and the rehabilitation therapist Marianka. They were all professional, caring and pleasant, and they gave the old expression “the merciful nurse” a real meaning for me. II. Rehabilitation department: I owe my full recovery and wellness to the department. I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Ikonomova and Dr. Georgieva. I am very thankful to the nurses including, Rumi, Nataliya, Ani, Tanya, Krasi, and the rehabilitation therapist Lumbomirka, who are all good-hearted nurses. From my experiences, I am left with wonderful impressions of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. In my opinion, the hospital rates on the highest world level. I can confidently say this, because several years ago I was treated in France, a country in which the level of medical care is world class. Tokuda has achieved this level of medical service. I wish all of your staff health, luck, happiness, and more success! To the management, carry on to successfully managing of this wonderful medical establishment! With deep respect, Assistant Professor Dr. Liliana Pehlivanova

Highly recommended
Julie Glouceste 09 October 2013
Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? I was very wary about going abroad for dental treatment. I went through Whatclinic to try to reduce the pitfalls of finding care abroad. I contacted several clinics via Whatclinic and I was most impressed with the responses I received from Tokuda Hospital in Sofia. There are not very many dental reviews of any of the dentists near Sofia as I think this is a new area that they have all moved into, however, I took the plunge and agreed times for my consultations. I had several questions regarding my treatment which were all pretty much answered promptly and in full before I left the UK. A very lovely Violeta from the hospital was super efficient both before and after leaving the UK. She met us at the hospital and was always present throughout the 3 visits there during the week. My dentist spoke enough English to get by and was a lovely lady. I was having a denture made and fitted and when it became apparent that the prosthetic was not fitting properly nothing was too much trouble, I was driven to the lab where it was made (very local) and it was all put right - no one was happy until it was completely perfect, which it was. My denture was always going to be tricky anyhow but it was soon a perfect fit. I cannot recommend the service I received from Tokuda hospital highly enough and am already going to be going there for my next check-up at the beginning of my holiday in July 2013. I am also looking into the possibility of laser eye surgery there too.

The whole experience was safe and reassuring
Sue kidderminster 22 January 2014
Breast Reduction
Were you pleased with the treatment? The whole experience was safe and reassuring. The Hospital was excellent and the pre- op process was outstandingly good. The surgery itself was fantastic and I am really pleased. This hospital is an absolute gem with state of the art facilities and full general hospital back up. The Professor of Plastic Surgery is extremely eminent and a fantastic surgeon. You really could not be in safer hands. The cost of surgery is excellent and low. This does not reflect the quality you are getting. Go to Tokuda for surgery as a private patient or as an NHS patient.

My treatment was quick and painless
Irene Sofia 05 June 2014
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Were you pleased with the treatment? My treatment was quick and painless. The staff were amazing, they made me feel comfortable and safe

Wei Sofia 07 June 2014
Eye Specialist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? Was pleased with the result & price.

Would highly recommend
Simon Ireland 06 July 2014
Hip Replacement
Were you pleased with the treatment? My Father recently went for a total hip replacement at Tokuda hospital. We can't rate Tokuda high enough. The whole experience was made easier and comfortable with the help of Violeta who was always at hand to help and guide us through the process. The Hospital itself is very modern and clean with expert staff throughout it's departments. We would highly recommend anyone thinking of travelling for an operation not to look past Tokuda Hospital.

I would recommend this hospital and all the staff
Mark Feakle, Clare 31 July 2014
Hip Replacement
Were you pleased with the treatment? I am very pleased with the treatment and the clinic. The staff were very helpful and friendly. The agent, Violeta, was absolutely fantastic. I would recommend this hospital and all the staff. I had a total hip replacement and extensive dental work carried out with great success and a very reasonable prices, no more pain!!!

Very friendly staff, good communication and a wide, white smile
Harry Tildonk 03 October 2014
Root canal treatmenet, renewal of 4 fillings, 3 bridges consisting out of 12 crowns
Were you pleased with the treatment? I decided very late to try this dental procedure and had an almost instant reaction from Violeta. She gave me a warm welcome arriving at the clinic and guided me with glance through all the different steps needed for this treatment, and calmed my nerves when needed...I don't like dental treatment very much ;) Once in the chair, the dentists gave me the various options and a clear view of what needed to be done without pushing for unneeded costs (always good that). Next they started right away, and the next week everything was done ;) Conclusion: Very friendly staff, good communication and a wide, white smile. Thanks!

I would definitely recommend you Tokuda Hospital (ENT Department)
Dikan Bulgaria 20 November 2014
Ear Infection Treatment
Were you pleased with the treatment? My visit at Tokuda Hospital was very pleasant. My problem was that I could hear a ringing in my one ear after I have had a sick throat and a blocked ear two weeks ago. I was positively surprised by the service of WhatClinic - after I've sent my request I've been contacted very quickly (!) by Mrs. V. Kircheva. She was very nice, spoke very good English and listened carefully to my problem. She even wanted to try to make an appointment for the weekend for me (it was Friday night when she called me back), but because I was not in town it had to wait until Monday. When I had my appointment on Monday Mrs. Kircheva warned me that there might still be some extra waiting time as there were a lot of people in the ENT Deparment, but nevertheless it was my turn quite quick and it wasn’t that bad at all (around 20 minutes). Waiting time is just something you always have to reckon when you go to a hospital and the nice talk with Mrs. Kircheva made it pass very fast. She was really very nice and helpful, she picked me up at the lobby, did the patients card for me, she translated what the doctor said about my problem and she also went to get my medicine with me. Mrs. Kircheva is a very polite and kind woman, she made my stay at Tokuda Hospital very comfortable and I would definitely recommend you Tokuda Hospital (ENT Department) as well as the Service of WhatClinic – you’ll be very lucky if you get to be accompanied by Mrs. V. Kircheva. As for the treatment: the doctor checked my ears, there was no infection but the reason for hearing the sound was the difference between the pressure outside and inside the ear, he cleaned my ears and also sent me to a hearing test, I got pills prescribed and an nose spray, I can still hear a noise but I also haven't finished the treatment yet.

Just perfect
Franziska Bulgaria 25 November 2014
ENT Specialist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? Everything was just perfect, thanks a lot!

More than satisfied
Iuliana Sofia 10 December 2014
Dental Implants
Two of the three dentist doctors of the clinic worked together completing each other in the specific tasks, so that I am more than satisfied with the results quality and the price. Furthermore, I paid only for the implants, without additional costs for old bridge removal and broken molar extraction. As I need more dental interventions, I already agreed for a treatment plan for the next months. (I have the intention to ask for some consultations on other departments too.) I am very pleased also with the fact that everything is in the same location: x-ray, pharmacy etc. Last but not least, I am benefiting from the precious help of the patient coordinator, who always meet and guide me in the hospital and keep me informed via email and phone.