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UK NHS Reimbursement
of treatments provided by Tokuda Hospital Bulgaria

How it works

The EU Directive gives you the right to access healthcare services in Bulgaria / EEA country/ as long as the treatment is medically necessary and would be made available to you under the NHS.


You will have to pay the costs upfront. You can claim reimbursement when you return, up to the amount the treatment would have cost under the NHS.


Prior authorisation is required in most cases. This will confirm whether you are entitled to the treatment and the level of reimbursement you can expect. Find out what types of services require prior authorisation (PDF). Please note that this is not necessarily a definitive list.


You must be allowed to have treatment abroad if you cannot have the same treatment on the NHS within a medically acceptable period. If "undue delay" applies in your particular case, you must be granted authorization.

EU Directive eligibility criteria

You′ll need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding under the EU Directive:


  • You must be ordinarily resident in England


  • You can′t apply for funding outside the EEA


  • Evidence of your medical need must be provided


  • The treatment must also be available to you under the NHS


  • Some treatments require prior authorisation


  • Reimbursement will be limited to the cost of the same treatment under the NHS

  • How can we help

    If you seek prior authorisation for a treatment or to apply for funding or reimbursement, you will need to complete the NHS application (PDF). When applying for reimbursement, original receipts and proof of payment must be supplied.

    Our team is ready to assist you in the whole process of your medical trip, from the enquiry to the reimbursement of your treatment from NHS.

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    BMTS /Bulgarian Medical Travel Services/ is a mediator in communication between the hospitals and patients. The responsibilities of the applied therapy and the results of it are taken by the medical provider.



  • Our UK Patient Coordinator will get in contact with you and discuss the options of treatment and the process of completing the application form (PDF, 69kb).

  • Our Bulgarian Patient Coordinator will visit the hospital and consult with the surgeons on your behalf and arrange the details of your treatment upfront, in order to receive approval before you leave UK.

  • Our representatives will meet you in the Hospital and arrange your medical documents and prescriptions you need to go back with before receive your reimbursement frm NHS.

  • UK Patient Coordinator:

    Dr Susan Wheatley


    Phone: +447805148056

    Monday to Thursday

    From 9.00a.m to 20.00p.m