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EU Reimbursement

  • "Today is an important day for patients across the European Union. As of today, EU law in force enshrines citizens right to go to another EU country for treatment and get reimbursed for it”. /Statement by Health Commissioner, Tonio Borg, on the entry into force of the Directive on Patients Rights in Cross-border Healthcare, 25.10.2013/

Your rights to have the costs of treatment covered

  • If you are entitled to a particular treatment in your home country, then you have a right to be reimbursed when you receive it in another country.
  • • Your level of reimbursement will be up to the costs of that treatment in your home country.
  • • You may choose whichever healthcare provider you wish, whether public or private.
  • • For some treatments (certain in-patient or highly specialised services) you may be required to get authorization from your own health system before receiving the treatment abroad.
  • • I f you are facing a medically unjustifiable waiting time for treatment at home then authorization must be granted. In this case, you may even be entitled to a higher level of coverage for your healthcare costs.

EU legislation