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The dental medicine department performs comprehensive and quality dental treatments and check-ups according to contemporary dental practices and methods. The department has been equipped with the latest generation of equipment and technology and uses the highest quality dental products and materials. The department offers each patient individualized preventative dental programs and treatments as well as aesthetic dental services.

Key Benefits

• Aesthetic dental services

• Prosthetic Dentistry

• Ortodontics

• Oral Surgery

Dr. Evelina Perchinska
Dr. Evelina Perchinska Department Cheif
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Professional Experience


Dr. Perchinska graduated dental medicine from the Sofia Medical University in 1998.

  • • She earned her specialty in orthodontics in 2004, and gained eight years of experience working in the Student’s Polyclinic and also has years of experience working in private dental offices.
  • • She has numerous orthodontic certifications from international training courses. She has been a member of our dental medicine department since January 2007

Common services

Oral Examination 10 ЕURO  
Ortopantomographia 10 ЕURO  
Intraligamentaric anesthesia 5 ЕURO  
Wire Anesthesia 10 ЕURO  

Caries Treatment

Amalgama Filling (Obturation) 20 ЕURO  
Photocomposite Filling 31- 49 ЕURO (depends on the size of the cavity)
Ceramic Inlay 230 ЕURO (laboratory price included)
Endodontic Treatment 36 ЕURO (Per root canal)
Intracanal Pin 15 ЕURO  


Extraction of regular tooth 31 ЕURO  
Extraction of wisdom tooth 82 ЕURO  
Extraction of no erupted tooth 174 ЕURO  
Dental Implant Placement 767 ЕURO  


Tangential Metalo-Ceramic Crown 135 ЕURO (laboratory price included)
Metal-Ceramic Crown 182 ЕURO (laboratory price included)
Zyrconia-Ceramic Crown 374 ЕURO (laboratory price included)
Veneer 306 ЕURO (laboratory price included)
Prosthesis 123 – 307 ЕURO (depends on the material and the retentive elements)


Clinical Oral Hygene + Air Flow 66 ЕURO  
Inoffice Bleachment with whitening gel 245 ЕURO  
Home Bleachment with whitening gel and splints 194 ЕURO  


Treatment with metal Bracer 920 – 1440 ЕURO  
Treatment with metal Esthetic Braces 1230 – 1950 ЕURO  
Treatment with one Splint 214 ЕURO