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Cardiac Surgery


Tokuda hospital department is the cardiac surgery leader in Bulgaria and the region, which offers a full range of cardiac surgical interventions based on Good Medical Practices and offers world class clinical outcomes.

Key Benefits

• Aortocoronary bypasses, with or without extracorporeal circulation (heart and lung machine), beating heart operations, and bypasses, using existing arterial vascular structures

• Valve sparing operations

• Left ventricle volume reduction operations to improve cardiac function

• Heart valve prosthesis

Prices & Packages

Aorto-coronary bypass, valve operations and/or congenital cardiac malformations surgery with extracorporeal blood return machine cost 7,600 EURO*, and includes up to a seven day hospital stay.

Combined cardiac operations and/or reconstruction of the ascending aorta and aortic branches with extracorporeal blood return machine cost 11,800 EURO* and inlcludes up to a nine day hospital stay.

Combined cardiac operations for polyorganic insufficiency prolonged treatment post cardiac surgery cost 12,300 EURO*, includes up to a ten day hospital stay.

Endovascular aortic endoprothesis implantation costs 5,300 EURO*, includes an up to three day hospital stay.

*Specialized implants, medical supplies, or cardiac prostheses may be required depending on the specific medical case.Prior to medical service the patient will be informed of any additional charges which are subject to their consent.

Dr. Dimitar Nikolov
Dr. Dimitar Nikolov Cardiology Department Cheif
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Professional Experience


Dr. Nikolov graduated from medical school in 1987, and has two specializations: surgery and cardiac surgery.

He has also added specializations in Germany, the USA and Japan.

  • • In 1990, he began working in the general hospital “Sveta Ekaterina” and earned 17 years of experience in cardiac surgery. He was appointed the chief resident of "Sveta Ekaterina", and for the last two years of his tenure at the hospital he was a member of the executive department “Transplantation and Artificial Hearts”.
  • • He joined Tokuda Hospital Sofia in April 2007 and leads the cardiac surgery department and operation block number two.
  • • Dr. Nikolov has numerous medical publications in both Bulgarian and international medical journals, and he has participated in many scientific conferences locally and abroad.
  • • He is a member the European Association of Cardiac Surgery, the Bulgarian Union of Cardiology, and the Bulgarian Association of Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery. In 2002, he received the “Bulgarian Doctor of the Year” award.