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Tokuda Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria.
One of the Best Medical Tourism hospitals in South Eastern Europe

As a part of Japanese Tokushukai Medical Center which operates more than 280 hospitals in Japan, Tokuda Hospital Bulgaria offers to it's patients:

State-of-Art technologies

The sterilization, surgery, recovery and intensive care units are equipped with the latest Japanese technologies.

Very competitive treatment packages

At equivalent quality, Tokuda guarantees savings up to 60%.

Highly Qualified Specialists

More than 180 Tokuda Hospital physicians have completed specialized training in Tokushukai Hospital Network in Japan and have received additional training in leading universities and medical institutions throughout the world.

Modern Patient Facilities

Standard 4 person room, single room, and private apartment with separated washrooms and restrooms equipped with Japanese high-tech hygienic technology.

Tokuda Medical Tourism Success Rates

  • More than 10 000 international patients since 2011
  • More than 4000 Medical Tourists treated since 2011
  • Less than 1% of complications to 1500 patients treated
  • Significant improvement achieved in 70 % of MS treated patients
  • Specially developed Medical Tourist Program launched in 2010


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